Makes complexity simple

Grouleff Communications helps robot and automation companies to get the message through and getting the well earned positive attention in the media. With a well-designed and well-executed press strategy, a new player on the market can be transmuted from being all but unknown to a recognized brand. Grouleff Communications's knowledge, experience and network within the robot and automation industry is second to none.


Grouleff Communications's Mission:

- To give robot and automation companies their well-earned  positive attention in the media.

- To translate tech-gibberish to useful inspiration for the target group.

- To eliminate esoteric issues in the communication

- To bring the messages about new inventions and inventive technologies out where they can make a difference. 




Malene Grouleff and her PR-agency is the no.1 choice as Communications partner for the Danish Robot Industry. Malene Grouleff and her PR-agency's contributions to her partners branding and public profiles are lasting and her work is persistent. If you need a serious partner for your communication needs, choose  "Grouleff Communications"

Morten Nielsen
Sales & Marketing Director at EGATEC A/S