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The Organisation:

Grouleff Communications is Denmark’s only PR agency with a 100% focus on the robot industry and its need for strategic communication with media, distributors, customers, job applicants, authorities, and other relevant stakeholders for the robot industry.

Robot technologies and automation are spreading to more and more industries. The philosophy behind Grouleff Communications is that the robot development is so significant and potentially revolutionising that it deserves solid coverage. It is important to create insight and debate on how to make use of the possibilities that technology paves the way for.

So since 2008, the PR agency has built up a deep insight, and a strong brand in the thriving robot industry, especially in Denmark. The company’s clients choose Grouleff Communications to ensure a professional, efficient, and proactive press handling and news coverage.

The agency offers:

  • PR strategy development and media training, as well as crisis communication
  • Press releases/news
  • Case stories and testimonials
  • Bylines, opinion pieces and blog posts
  • Handling of journalists looking for ideas and opportunities
  • Exhibition and event PR
  • Press trips for foreign journalists wanting to visit Denmark

When producing case stories, press releases, news, blog posts, and similar content, we highly value well-written, credible and varied texts that are worth reading. In the same vein, the agency works with the market’s most skilled suppliers of visual communication, such as design, animation, video, infographics, etc. Furthermore, Grouleff Communications has a well-established team handling functions such as media monitoring, research, proofreading, etc.

On a day-to-day basis, Grouleff Communications often works as an efficient access point for journalists and media looking for angles, cases, and sources for new stories on robot development, and the changes, possibilities, and worries that technology can create. This means that the agency functions as a useful and constructive bridge-builder for both industry and media. This is built on a strong ability to empathise, and a will to deliver a solid service on “both sides of the bridge”, as well as having a good eye for synergy options.

Grouleff Communications often meets the new players of the robot industry at a very early stage, and gradually scale the PR work in the process from local start-up to global growth company. In Scandinavia, the agency single-handedly offers profiling to its strong network in the media world in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland, while PR in Europe and North America is done via carefully selected PR agencies with insight into technology and industry.

The general growth tendencies of the robot industry increases demand for our services, due to both additional and new sale, and that is why we are looking for more journalists who are passionate about covering the robot development in our client’s organisations by producing inspiring robot stories.

The division: 

Grouleff Communications’ head office is located in Filmby Aarhus in the Port of Aarhus. It must be pointed out, though, that meetings, interviews, company visits, events, etc. will take place in various locations, especially in Denmark, as well as some travel in the Nordics, as well as in Europe, must be expected.

Job Description

Job function:

As a robot storyteller for a growing niche agency, you will get to produce the most exciting stories about new groundbreaking robot technologies and automation inventions. You write vividly about developments in the industry, healthcare and education sectors, and the many other areas where automation is gaining ground. You will meet visionary robot developers, and down-to-earth robot users, and you master the convincing interview where you identify the most interesting and relevant angles and points. You also have an eye for writing convincing bylines, opinion pieces, and blog posts. That said, there will obviously be an introduction, coordination and mutual feedback and quality control in the daily workday.

Objective and development:

Grouleff Communications needs to be able to grow according to its clients’ growth, and the incoming jobs and challenges. That calls for presence, resources, and dedication. The goal of expanding staff is to reduce delivery times, and to increase flexibility and creativity. It will become possible to develop new relevant products and services, and we are receptive to ways in which to refine and renew the processes and methods of Grouleff Communications.

Success criteria:

Fundamentally, the new employee at Grouleff Communications is successful when clients are happy with, and secure about the productions and results that they deliver – and also with the way in which they do it. The dream scenario is that all clients are equally content, no matter whom from Grouleff Communications they speak to on the phone, have a meeting with, or receive an email from.

Travel, working hours, and flexibility:

It will be ideal if the candidate is located in either Aarhus, Odense, or surrounding areas, as Grouleff Communications is establishing a division in Odense. Mobile working/working from home, virtual meetings, and flexible working hours are all possible. We use time recording of all working hours, so overtime can be turned into time off in lieu.

Career options and attractiveness:

Very few communicators in Denmark have experience with the booming robot industry that contains both an abundance of inspiring stories for media and the market, as well as the industry itself having a large and recognised need for professional assistance within this area. There has often been a lack of time, willingness, flair, or the right media network to tell these stories. In this job, you will meet a very globally oriented, and fairly young and innovative industry experiencing highly positive developments, and where new jobs and growth will be created in the next many years to come. You will also have an energetic leader, capable of showing great trust in other people, and who can create space for personal and professional development.


Formal professional qualifications:

Demands and wishes – prioritised in ’Need to have’ and ’Nice to have’.

Need to have:

  • Fluent in Danish and English. Able to express yourself in a varied, correct, and engaging way in both languages, both written and orally.
  • Degree in journalism or communications.
  • Interested in and curious about developments within technology, robots, and automation.
  • Strong media relationships with business media and journalists, technological and trade media in Denmark/the Nordics.
  • Great expertise in creating synergy between PR, social media, and other communication channels.
  • Pragmatic and efficient project leader with the skills to deliver a personal service.
  • A minimum of 3-5 years of industry experience from either the media industry, agency, or a communications department in a private company.
  • Loves to learn new things, to listen to new people, and to network both virtually and face-to-face.
  • Not too delicate for any type of job. In an entrepreneurial company, everyone helps with anything.

Nice to have:

  • Experience with PR and communication for robot/technology/industry companies.
  • Experience with event and exhibition PR
  • An application-oriented approach to new technology. A gadget freak with a healthy portion of scepticism.
  • Expertise in photo, design, web design/wordpress, video/TV, presentations, power point presentations, or other relevant experience.
  • Other language skills than Danish and English. German, Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish would be particularly useful.

Industry experience: Employment in the media industry, or as a supplier to the media industry. Preferably also experience as a consultant/advisor in a PR/communications agency, or employment in a communications department/function in a private company or membership organisation.

Educational background: Journalist, company communication/public relations, or similar.

Send you application to: job@grouleff.it

Contact:         Stine Hyldkrog, MindFind

Starting date: As soon as possible


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