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Enrico Krog Iversen

Enrico Krog Iversen

CEO, EKI Management, former CEO of Universal Robots

I have know Malene Grouleff and her PR-agency since September 2008 and she has from the very first day proven herself as a very professionel, dedicated and very well connected lady.
Malene Grouleff and her PR-agency's knowledge about, and Network within, the global automation industry is second to none. With their partners arround the World Malene Grouleff and her PR-agency has been instrumental to the growth of Universal Robots.
Malene Grouleff and her PR-agency has put in unparallelled efforts and energy in order to help educate the world about collaborative robots and she is now also doing the same for a number of new companies focusing on collaborative applications (grippes, sensors, vision etc.)
On a personal side Malene is very easy to work with and she always keeps her word and agreed deadlines.



Morten Nielsen

Morten Nielsen

Sales & Marketing Director at EGATEC A/S June 26, 2016, Morten worked with Malene but at different companies

Malene Grouleff and her PR-agency is the no.1 choice as Communications partner for the Danish Robot Industry. Malene Grouleff and her PR-agency's contributions to her partners branding and public profiles are lasting and her work is persistent. If you need a serious partner for your communication needs, choose Grouleff Communications.



Anker BoyeAnker Boye

Former mayor of Odense

All the best with your important work, you help create the future.



Julie Lindegaard

Radio host and project leader at DR - Danmarks Radio. 

Malene Grouleff and her PR-agency are very professionel and they do their work with big engagement.



Peder Beiskjaer


CEO at Flex Fertilizer System ApS November 10, 2016, Peder was a client of Malene’s

Malene Grouleff and her PR-agency has a very professional approach to the marketing challenge. She is a good listener with a good feeling how to serve the right messages in the best possible way.



Morten Vittrup Lund

Journalist and writer

As a journalist I’ve had the pleasure of working together with Malene Grouleff and her PR-agency for several years. They are skilled, thorough, trustworthy and knows the industry in depth. It has always been a pleasure working together with them.



Thomas VistiThomas Visti

CEO at Mobile Industrial Robots

We started out as a small company with the need for flexibility, but wanting the very best in communication. That turned into collaboration with Grouleff Communications. A collaboration that is almost like having an extra employee in the company. We could never have hired someone with the same skills and networks as Malene Grouleff - so for us, she is a partner that helps us when we need it. She understands the media world, is well connected, and can make media understand why our products are interesting. I am certain that Grouleff Communications has been a significant factor in us being able to create the success that we have. 

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