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Malene Grouleff,

CEO, founder & PR Strategist

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Malene Grouleff’s agency is the no.1 choice as PR partner for the Danish Robot Industry. Her contributions to her partners branding and public profiles are lasting and her work is persistent. She founded the PR agency in 2004, and her work has blue stamped the products and competencies of the clients. With the well-designed and well-executed press strategy, new players on the market are transmuted from being all but unknown to a recognized brand.

Her professional network is manifold: Media contacts, specialists, innovators, entrepreneurs, business angels, and tons of other inspiring and influential people.

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Marianne A. O. Andersen,

Chief Consultant, CCO

+45 29 24 30 75



She makes outstanding results by solid PR, communication and marketing - from strategy over the realization to documentation. Her campaigns create interest, value and a change for the better. Together with good colleagues, she makes world records.

Before joining Grouleff, Marianne A. O. Andersen was an international PR officer at the successful European Cultural Capital of Aarhus in 2017. She has previously worked as a consultant for the PR agencies Mannov and Kragelund Kommunikation, and as communications manager for Økologisk Landsforening, where she helped publicize Denmark’s world record in organic farming

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Bodil Holm Dyer,

Robot Story Teller




December 3rd, 2018, Bodil Holm Dyer joined Grouleff Communications as a Robot Storyteller!

Her educational background is journalism, translation and automation mechanic. She translates from English, Swedish and Norwegian into Danish and English, and she will write articles, press releases, web texts, newsletters, features, social media content and other texts.

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Mette Krabbe,

Media Monitoring & Social Media Specialist

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Mette Krabbe creates high quality research and communication.

Mette Krabbe is responsible for the indispensable work of monitoring, analyzing and reporting our clients’ press coverage.

She is ambitious, organized, detail-oriented and a responsible person. Her communication is precise and clear-cut.

Mette Krabbe speaks Danish, Spanish, English, German.

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Henrik Flohr,

Robot Storyteller, COO

+45 61 30 38 00


Henrik has many years of experience as a journalist in all areas. He has done TV, radio, newspapers and of course everything on the internet. He even remembers the first chats on a Vic 20 back in the 80’s which triggered his interest in that media.

Some years ago Henrik Started working in PR and Strategic Communication while he educated himself in those areas at DMJX, the Danish education center for journalists. 

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