From small spark to thundering robot enthusiasm

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”A successful cluster is in many ways a coincidence. It develops as a consequence of a lot of efforts from different people. Public sympathy and support create the basic framework. But a cluster must be commercially based. There must be a strong anchor, and an engine to drive it forwards. Otherwise, it will just end up a public sector well-intentioned initiative, with jobs for those going round to meetings.” Said by Enrico Krog Iversen, CEO at Universal Robots, at a VL event recently.


During the latest 20 years, Denmark has seen the creation of a strong robot cluster with innovative research as its launch pad. Today, this robot cluster consists of many new companies with the potential to create more growth.


In 2008, I was lucky to accidentally – in connection with a job for The Science Park Association FOIN - meet the brand new company that would later go on to be that powerful engine that would speed up a robot cluster in Denmark, when innovative scientists had converted solid robot research mixed with a clear vision to a completely new type of industrial robot. The name is Universal Robots; The company that has enabled small and medium-sized manufacturing companies to automate tasks in their production. Even with very ambitious growth goals, Universal Robots has so far succeeded in reaching its own goals. If their ambitions for growth continue to be actualised, then the Danish robot manufacturer’s business will be bigger than Grundfos within 5 years.


This meeting with these robot inventors became a landmark for my PR agency. It started a passion in me for robots. Not in the shape of science fiction-like monsters, but in the shape of innovative technology turned into tools and machines that can truly make a difference for many people in their daily lives.


That is why I have increasingly chosen to focus my business within this field that I am most passionate about, and that I gain more and more insight into. This is a plan that the robot industry thankfully has turned out to be on board with, so today, Grouleff Kommunikation collaborates with a range of exciting companies, organisations and networks in the Danish robot cluster. Besides Universal Robots, it is also, among others, Mobile Industrial Robots, On Robot, OptoForceEffimat Storage Technology, ScaleUp Robotics, hi Tech & Industry ScandinaviaRobocluster, EGATEC, Syddansk InnovationEasyRobotics, Electronics of TomorrowHannemann Engineering, Odense Robotics, and Business Angels Syddanmark.

Danish robot technology and innovation deserve even more attention on the global stage. There are so many true stories that the world needs to hear. And I love telling them – and hearing about them!

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