Denmark's only PR agency for the robot industry grows as the industry grows

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Aarhus-based Grouleff Communications has hired Marianne A. O. Andersen as a chief consultant to bolster their position as the only PR agency in Denmark with exclusive focus on the rapidly expanding robotics and automation industry.

Before joining Grouleff, Marianne A. O. Andersen was an international PR officer at the successful European Cultural Capital of Aarhus in 2017. She has previously worked as a consultant for the PR agencies Mannov and Kragelund Kommunikation, and as communications manager for Økologisk Landsforening, where she helped publicize Denmark’s world record in organic consumption.

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”I love working with nerds who are passionate about their industry. They often need a hand to get their knowledge translated so others can understand their excitement. It is very motivating to transform engineering-language so everyone can understand its possibilities and value. When we formulate the messages about robotics innovations and innovative automation technologies, we create increased demand, growth, job opportunities and exports in an exciting young industry in Denmark,” says Marianne A. O. Andersen, who has a background in journalism, a master’s degree in dramaturgy and is a certified project manager.

”The robotics industry in Denmark is booming at the moment, and these companies have a need for PR and communications. I am exceedingly pleased to have a highly-powered professional onboard, who from day one has contributed with both a high-quality international media network and increased flexibility for our customers,” says Malene Grouleff, founder and CEO of Grouleff Communications. She expects the PR agency’s focus on the booming market will require further recruiting in the coming years.


Robot nerds’ voice

Grouleff Communications is the only PR agency in Denmark specializing in robots and the innovation, entrepreneurship, investment and engineering that typifies the industry. The agency’s clients are some of Denmark’s most prominent in the robotics industry, technological and global leaders, including Universal Robots, Mobile Industrial Robots, RoboCluster, On Robot, OptoForce, EasyRobotics, Hannemann Engineering, Egatec, KJV, EffiMat Storage Technology, MCH, etc. The agency is founded in 2004 by the experienced journalist, formerly with DR, Computerworld and lecturer at DMJX, Malene Grouleff. The company is headquartered in Filmby, Aarhus.

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The Grouleff team with the humanoid robot Norma Pepper, belonging to the ITK department of Culture and Citizenship, Aarhus Municipality at Dokk1 in Aarhus.

From the left: Chief consultant Marianne A. O. Andersen, CEO Malene Grouleff, robot Norma Pepper and Social Media specialist Mette Krabbe Møller. Photo cred: Cphotography

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